Sony Playstation Network Hacked Again?

Late last night, Nyleveia reported on an exploit for the the new PSN update which allowed user accounts to be reset with nothing more than an email and a date of birth. This has been spread around as a hack on their network from panicking users and some news sites, but its really just an exploit of another flawed Sony system. Sony did shut down their service for about 15 minutes earlier this morning, possibly to patch the issue, but we will likely see a patch later this week to correct the issue.

In the mean time, Sony has shut down some of the recovery services so this won't spread like crazy. If this is the worst thing to happen to PSN after the network being down for a month, I'd say they'll recover.

Nyleveia recommends users change their email and password to something they don't use elsewhere as a preventative measure until Sony patches everything.

Playstation Down

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