Sony Hacked Again – One Million Accounts Put Online

Approximately 1 million Sony user accounts were hacked and leaked by the same group that recently attacked PBS, Lulz Securty – or Lulz Sec. The accounts were taken from Sony Pictures and Sony BMG, their music service, and were subsequently released on torrents to be downloaded. Account information, including passwords, were said to be unencrypted and stored in plain text.
Sony has had several minor attacks after the Sony Playstation Network experienced a 4 week outage, including attacks on their website and several on the Playstation Network.

It’s possible that their website is down, but it is apparently being backed up by CloudFare:

I will go ahead and bring up the picture again…
Not that the group is justified in doing what they did, but when you leave everything out there in plain text – especially confidential user information – you aren’t doing yourself any good.
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