Next-Gen Xbox Specs – Requires Kinect Sensor & Game Instals, Multitasks Games

Kotaku just got ahold of some leaked information on the new Xbox console, codename “Durango”.

The next generation Xbox system has some interesting features and requirements that are causing both praise and outcries right now.

First, lets look at the specs for the new Xbox:

Xbox 720 Specs


According to this leaked specs sheet, the new system will feature an 8-core CPU, which has been accepted as being one of AMD’s APUs, as well as 8GB of DDR3 system memory. The video card specs haven’t been detailed, but it has also been implied that it is an AMD Radeon GPU roughly equivalent to one of the high-end laptop GPUs available right now. All that adds up to low power consumption, low heat, if the system is ventilated well, and full 1080P gaming.

Now onto the new info:

Required Kinect Unit

It looks like the Kinect sensor is not only to be bundled with every Xbox system, but is required to be plugged in and calibrated for the system to operate. According to the article, the new Kinect units are to be integrated with everything on the Xbox. The new Kinect has some serious upgrades, allowing the tracking of up to 6 individuals’ bodies, hands, and even facial expressions. All the games developed for the new system are supposed to include some level of Kinect support.

The developer units that have been showing up have been bundled with a more advanced version of the current Kinect unit, but the units said to be released with the system aren’t available yet.

Required Game Installations

‘Required installations’ has been rumored for a while for both the Playstation 3 and the new Xbox console, and apparently it’s going to be a reality on the Xbox. The new Xbox is going to require game installations on system memory – which coincides with the increase in storage for the base models. This isn’t to say the system will be disk-less, but you will have to install the games to the hard drive on the system.


The next-gen Xbox system is supposed to run multiple games and applications, and allow easy switching between them. The system will place games or apps in a suspended state when switching from one to another, however it is likely that music or chat applications will continue to operate simultaneously with certain games and applications.

This does open up some interesting possibilities that could make downloads and installs more friendly, such as the ability to install a game while playing another – or downloading updates while in game.

Reader Input

What would you like to see in the next-gen Xbox console? Do any of these requirements take away from your interest in the system?


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