Microsoft’s Edge Browser is Coming to MacOS

With the recent announcement from Microsoft about killing support for EdgeHTML and switching to Google’s Chromium, Microsoft has also announced plans to make the browser available across as many devices as possible… including MacOS!

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This additional announcement was made in order to better support developers and users browsing the internet and is a clear sign that Microsoft has no plans to kill the Edge browser. Since Chromium is the base browser that Google Chrome runs on, and Chrome already runs on MacOS, Microsoft should have no problem adding MacOS support to Edge. This is also another sign that the browser will be re-built from the ground up. A preview of the upgraded version is planned to be released next year.

Microsoft also plans to remove Edge updates from Windows Updates. This makes sense since Windows Updates are not available on MacOS. Also, with Edge being dependent on Chromium, updates will have to be made more frequently. With Edge being available on MacOS devices, developers will be happier since many of us program on a Macbook. Testing web applications on Edge will become a much easier task.

Who knows what other plans Microsoft has for their Edge web browser?


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