Microsoft Brought Their A Game to E3 2015

So I haven’t been able to follow E3 like I had hoped so far, but I got a chance to watch a recap from Microsoft. Much like their Windows 10 Event, Microsoft has honestly surprised the tech industry by putting out relevant technology and supplying the consumers with things may actually want.

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At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be receiving backwards compatibility with a number of Xbox 360 titles. In addition, the Xbox One will be getting the ‘Rare Replay’ collection, which includes 30 classic games from the best game developers of the 90s, RareWare. This includes Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the Banjo Kazooie, and even Battletoads.

Oh, they didn’t stop there. Microsoft’s HoloLens got a live demo showing Minecraft being played on a table. You’re just going to have to watch this one. I really want to test one of test one of these out. If it’s half as good as they make it look, it will be ground breaking for not only the gaming industry, but for all fields of technology.

There were a number of game trailers shown, so if you want to watch the rest of what was announced, Kotaku has a YouTube Playlist up with everything else:

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