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Microsoft Brought Their A Game to E3 2015

So I haven’t been able to follow E3 like I had hoped so far, but I got a chance to watch a recap from Microsoft. Much like their Windows 10 Event, Microsoft has honestly surprised...

E3 2014 Live Video Stream

E3 has a three year partnership with the video game streaming website, Twitch.tv, to broadcast the video coverage online. Below is the current video stream from E3 2014. [plumwd_twitch_chat channel=”twitch” height=”400″ width=”640″] Source: http://blog.twitch.tv/2014/03/twitch-named-official-live-streaming-partner-of-e3/

E3 2012 Live Update

That’s It Guys will be providing the latest updates here for E3 and as well as on our Twitter @ThatsItGuys