iPad HD Revealed – Resolutionary

Just moments ago, Tim Cook revealed the new iPad – the iPad HD. The iPad HD features a new ‘retina display’ screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (4-times the predecessors), a faster, quad-core processor to drive the higher-re screen, dubbed the A5X, and for those who like taking pictures with your tablet – a serious upgrade to the rear camera, which now shoots 5MP photos and 1080P video. The 3G models have been replaced with “4G” technology, now using an LTE modem.

The new display is 4-times the resolution and therefore 4-times the pixel density of its two predecessors, which run at 1024 x 768, making this one of the nicest displays for tablets right now. With that, the processor definitely needed a boost in performance, so we’re waiting on the specs to be revealed on the new A5X processor. It has been described as having quad-core graphics while still getting 10-hours of battery life – very cool.

Oh, and as always, Apple has to introduce its marketing into everything, so this time it’s “Resolutionary” – an obvious pun on revolutionary.

So far, the consensus from those who had a hands-on with the iPad HD have been positive. It is described as being snappy, responsive, and performing well with what they were able to run. The camera has the capability to focus on 10 people, so I’d personally like to try out that feature.



Update: In case you haven’t heard, it’s called “The New iPad”.. that is all.

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