iPad 3 is a NO: iPad HD is a GO!

Apple’s next tablet, also thought of as the iPad 3, will be released under the name iPad HD The New iPad. Many tech news sites are now explaining the reasoning to this and go on to expand the theory of why naming it the iPad 3 seemed logical, but also how it was a common misconception.

Apple says is has something they want us “to see and touch” for the media event taking place this Wednesday the 7th in Cupertino. It will be no doubt that they will be announcing their next generation tablet, the iPad 3. It will have resolution up to 2048 x 1536p. Though it may not have any other revolutionary changes, this may conclude why it’s called the iPad HD and not the iPad 3. Perhaps it should follow what they did with their previous cell phone release by adding an ‘s’ to their release before that, hence the iPhone 4s.

This type of marketing isn’t much of a surprise for Apple. Instead of releasing in chronological order from 1,2,3…, they follow the sub-sequential method of 1, 2, 2.5, 3… which may be there excuse for not releasing any major revolutionary upgrade on this tablet.


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Yousef Shanawany

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