Amazon Instant Video App Finally Available for Android

I got a ton of updates on my Samsung Galaxy S4 this morning, which was very annoying as always. Several of my apps from the Google Play Store, Samsung Store, as well as the Amazon Appstore all wanted to update right when I was going to check an email. After clearing out all of the Google and Samsung apps, I opened up Amazon’s store only to notice “Amazon Instant Video” in the menu on the side. I figured this must be a launcher for the Fire TV or something, but I had to take a look.

I opened up “Amazon Instant Video” from the menu and was sent to a page advertising all their Prime Instant Videos. No.. they didn’t just do an Android app and not announce it anywhere? Well, they did.

Here’s the very brief, but exciting install process for your Android smartphone:

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I’ll review the app later today. I’m very happy that Amazon finally got their act together and made a working Android App. I think I’ll be renewing my Amazon Prime membership today.

If you don’t currently have Amazon Prime or want to take a look at what they have to offer, Amazon has a free 30 day trial of the service available.



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