Amazon Dash: The tiny button that lets you order household items

When I open up the Amazon homepage, I am generally greeted with recommended items from the things that I’ve purchased before – or more often then not, the items that everyone else orders on my Amazon Prime account. Today I was greeted with an exclusive Amazon Prime item called “Amazon Dash”. Amazon Dash is a small branded button with a reusable adhesive on the back that allows you to order a specific household item. For instance, you can have a Tide Detergent button on your laundry machine. When you run out of detergent, you can press your Tide button and it will submit an order request to the Amazon application you have it paired with. The button pairs up with the Amazon app on the smart device of choice on your wifi connection, such as your smartphone or tablet. Accidental orders can be cancelled from the app or through the website.

Amazon Dash is an interesting way to promote their growing list of household items available and the “Subscribe and Save” service — a service where you receive a discount for automatic delivery of items.


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Shane Paris

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