Excellent Deal on Pioneer Home Theater Speakers, 50% Off

If you are looking for some new speakers for your home theater system, this is a ridiculously good deal. Amazon has cut the price of the Pioneer “Andrew Jones Designed” speakers series in half.


Pioneer Speakers by Andrew Jones – 5.1 Configuration

These Pioneer speakers have been well received in the audiophile community for their solid frequency response for the price range. With the current deal, they’re definitely the best set in their respective price brackets.

I’ve personally used the BS22’s in a home theater I set up for a friend early last year. I paired the speakers with the 5.1 Yamaha V377 receiver and the audio quality was fantastic for a mid-ranged speaker setup. I’m currently using 4 of the Pioneer BS21’s in my home theater setup that I picked up on a similar deal last year. They offered comparable performance, but at the time of purchase were half the price. They have performed very well in the 12′ x 17′ home theater / family room in my house.

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers (pair)
Retail: $130 for the pair, Currently selling for $59.90 shipped

Pioneer SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker
Retail: $99.99, Currently selling for $49.95

Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Floor standing speaker (single speaker)
Retail: $129.99, Currently selling for $69.95

Pioneer SW-8MK2 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer
Retail: $159.99, Currently selling for $79.95

Or you can buy the whole 5.1 setup for $329.70, which includes 2 floorstanding speakers, 2 bookshelf speakers, the center channel, & the sub. You can add it up, but it works out to the same amount.


The 5.1 package is currently unavailable. The individual speakers are showing “Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks” online. You may have to manually select the speakers under “new” in order to get them at the discounted price. Some of the sellers still have them available for the full retail price.

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If you purchased one of these, let us know how you like the speakers below or on our forums.

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