Youtube No Longer Included on New iPhones

It seems yet again that Apple wants to attack Google by completely removing Google’s Youtube app from the iPhone’s homescreen. Apple released iOS 6 this week which is the OS that takes off the default Youtube app. Of couse, this isn’t Apple’s first attempt at attacking Google:

From endless pointless lawsuits, patent issues, and now this. They recently removed Google Maps completely from their OS, and developed their own Apple Maps option instead. – Cory Gunther at

However, Youtube isn’t completely abolished from iOS since users will still be able to go to via mobile internet browsers. Multiple sources say Google is also working on recreating the Youtube app to release it to the iPhone App Store. Youtube gets around 10% of its views from mobile traffic. But this may be better for Google, as they now will have users downloading Google’s version of the Youtube iPhone application, in which they can provide their own updates and styles.


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Yousef Shanawany

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