Build Your Own Custom Xbox One Controller with Xbox Design Lab

At E3’s event today, Microsoft officially announced Xbox Design Lab, which offers users the ability to customize their own Xbox One controllers and have it shipped to their homes. Not only does it offer a variety of color customization options, but users can also engrave their own text into the font of the controller. Microsoft said there are over8 million different color combinations.

Once finished, users can save and share their controller design with others, as well as have it published to the official community gallery. We’ve already made our own controller here.


Once finished, the controller can be purchased by anybody for $79.99, or $89.98 if engraved text is included. When purchased, Microsoft then builds it and ships it, with a shipping date of September this year, so you would have to wait three months before getting your hands on one.

The customized controller is compatable with the Xbox One and Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. It also comes with Bluetooth and is compatible with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, Chat Headset, Stereo Headset, Chatpad and more. It also includes 3.5mm stereo headset jack, two AA batteries and textured grip for more control. Read more about the new controller features here.

Check out their video below:

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