Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter for PC Finally Gets a Release Date

Ever since the Xbox One was announced, PC gamers have looked forward to using the new controller on their PCs. When Microsoft finally released the drivers for it, we put up a tutorial on how to use the controller. One big concern posted in the comments was why Microsoft didn’t use Bluetooth and why it couldn’t be used wirelessly on their computers. Now we finally have a release date on their adapter for Windows. According to the Amazon pre-order page, Microsoft’s Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows will be released November 3, 2015 October 27, 2015 for only $24.99.

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Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Adapter for WIndows

Inside the box is the dongle as well as a USB extension cable. There are no details yet on how many controllers can be connected at one time, but I would suspect it will allow 4 controllers connected at the same time, much like the Xbox 360 Wireless dongle. Also, despite Windows 10 being listed on the box, I would expect it to have drivers for both Windows 7 & 8. We’ll have a full review on the adapter the week it comes out, as well as a tutorial on how to get it setup with your PC.

Update: You can connect up to 8 controllers plus up to 2 stereo or 4 mono gaming headsets.

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