T-Mobile Releases Schedule for Handsets Getting Ice Cream Sandwich & New Devices

Looks like we finally have some release dates for Ice Cream Sandwich for T-Mobile phones. The Galaxy S II, the HTC Sensation, and the HTC Amaze are all scheduled to get Android 4.0 (ICS) by the Summer. As for the new device launches – no word on the Galaxy S III (which is being announced May 3rd, so should be here by June) or their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Several low to mid-range phones will be launching over the next few months.


Ice Cream Sandwich updates: 

New Device Launches: 

  • 5/9 — Huawei Astro — low end handset on 7/11
  • 7/11 — Huawei Buddy — new myTouch (QWERTY)
  • 7/11 — Huawei Phoenix — new myTouch (Touchscreen only)
  • 7/11 — Samsung Gravity TXT (new color)
  • 8/1 — Samsung Cacao, T159 indicates low end
  • 8/15 — Samsung Apex Q — no word on what this is
    – TmoNews



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