Several T-Mobile Smartphones Nearing End Of Life

Looks like my HTC Sensation is about to be phased out of stores. According to a leak from TmoNews, several top smartphones on T-Mobile are nearing their EOL period, or End of Life. Sounds like TRON to me (End of Line). This means that once current models are sold out, the phones will not be replenished from the distributors.

The phones currently nearing the EOL period include HTC's Amaze & Sensation as well as LG's DoublePlay, myTouch and myTouch Q. Interesting that HTC is stopping their two top phones on T-Mobile. Interesting that the two top HTC phones on T-Mobile would be dropping off soon, so they will likely have a few new phones coming out soon. Hopefully we'll start to see one of the 4.3" Quad-Core 720P HTC phones rumored late last year. Might be worth adding a line.


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Shane Paris

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