Super Mario Bros. meets Portal – Mari0 Now Available

Last August we were promised to be able to play the classic Super Mario Bros. with 1 major difference integrated into the game. Aperature Science now put portals to introduce a twist in the game. Now the game is available to the public for free and has more features than ever expected. It is available to to Windows, Mac, and Linux users to download.

The game has many features that we thought would never exist in a Mario game:

Taken from (creators of Mari ‘0’):

  • Complete recreation of SMB
  • Elements from Portal
  • Portal gun that shoots portals
  • 4-player simultaneaous coop
  • Level Editor that was used to create the levels in the game
  • 33 different hats
  • Downloadable Mappacks
  • Game modifiers for extra fun


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Yousef Shanawany

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