Portal 2 Getting Free Custom Map Editor [DLC]

Portal 2 is finally getting something new! Valve is launching a Portal 2 map / puzzle maker called the Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) on May 8th via the Steam Store on Mac and PC. The add-on is free if you own Portal 2 and allows users to develop their own maps for the game.

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Steam Workshop:

Maps can be saved and shared with friends, and can also be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, where thousands of other maps can be found uploaded by other users.

There are already hundreds of incredible Portal 2 puzzles in the wild, but chances are you haven’t played them. They’re hard to find, hard to install, and hard to manage. We’re changing that. Now that we’re adding the Steam Workshop to Portal 2, you’ll be able to browse a virtually endless stream of community-crafted puzzles, then install and play them with just one click from any web browser. Play the most popular maps in the world, or just what your friend created last night. – Portal 2 Blog


The Puzzle Maker:

I haven’t been able to try this out yet, but it’s setup to be point-and-click, rather than coding and texturing like in Hammer. Should be interesting to see what people come up with. Hopefully, they’ll allow users to upload Portal 2 maps developed with the Source SDK.

With the Puzzle Maker, you can create test chambers of all shapes and sizes. It’s incredibly easy to use — jump right in and start making cool stuff. When you’re happy with your work, publish it to the Workshop for your friends. or even the whole world, to play. Get feedback, gain followers, and build collections of puzzles to break people’s brains. You’re the designer now; let’s see what you can dream up.  – Portal 2 Blog


Visit www.thinkwithportals.com for more information.


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