Stop… Wiredoe Time: M.C Hammer Working On His Own Search Engine

The famous M.C Hammer, most famous for his rap song, Can’t Touch This,  launched his own search engine called Wiredoo. At Web 2.0 this week, held in San Francisco, he was interviewed about his new search engine.

This isn’t just for a fan-based search engine. Wiredoo  is run by by M.C Hammer and his co-family. His purpose is to compete against Google and Yahoo, as well as other leading search engines. An example of an improvement is searching by zip code, it will bring back all local information of that zip code, rather than the basics and weather. His plan is to improve relationship search. Instead of bringing up just related websites, it brings back information about the search subject as well.

Unopened to the public, Wiredoo is currently in the private-beta stage and you can sign up to get notified when it is usable.

This search engine looks like it will be very successful to local search. M.C Hammer is very aware with tech-news and the latest gadgets as seen in the interview above. The search engine is said to be released by December 2011.

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Yousef Shanawany

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