Steam Link App is Coming to Smartphones and Apple TVs; Stream Your PC Games

PC gaming is coming to your smartphone and Apple TV in a few weeks — provided you have a Gaming PC running Steam, of course.

Earlier today, Valve announced two free apps for Android devices, iPhones, iPads, & Apple TVs to stream your Steam library over the network. The first app is Steam Link, which shares the same name as their HDMI streaming box. Much like their hardware device, the Steam Link app lets you stream your Steam games from your gaming PC while on your own network. The app will support the Steam Controller, MFi controllers, and other unnamed devices. The Steam Link app launches the week of May 21st.

The other app is the Steam Video app, which is set to release later this Summer. It will let you stream thousands of movies and shows that are available on Steam over the internet. I have never purchased any movies on Steam, but I’m sure someone cares about this one.


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Shane Paris

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