See the Oculus Rift “Crescent Bay”

Oculus announced their latest developments for the Rift VR today at the Oculus Connect conference. The new prototype, Crescent Bay, brings the Rift one step closer to a consumer release by adding a new display, better head tracking, positional audio, and integrated audio. It’s been rumored that the new screen is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (2560 x 1440), which wouldn’t be surprising with the DK2 units shipping with Note 3 displays.


Lucky visitors at Oculus Connect got to demo the new headsets, including the new game demo built on the Unreal Engine 4 called Showdown. The general consensus has been positive, with the exception of the headphones looking like they’re from the 80s, but it’s a developers unit. Also, yes, the headphones are removable.

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Shane Paris

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