Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset available in Best Buy Friday March 27th

Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, has been available online since the end of December. Last month, Best Buy partnered with Samsung to put demo units in several stores across the US, but were directing the customers to purchase the units on their website. Now Samsung and Best Buy are finally putting the Gear VR in around 100 retail locations throughout the United States for purchase. This marks the first retail appearance for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 powered virtual reality headset.

With the Galaxy S6 release just around the corner, which has its own VR headset, as well as several other virtual reality headsets set to debut later this year, this is a good sign for the consumerization of virtual reality. I said well over a year ago that 2015 will be the year for virtual reality. Once VR headsets hit retailers for people to experience in person, that will be the turning point for making this medium not just a niche’ product or a piece of science fiction, but something that will change people’s interaction with multimedia and the virtual world that they will soon experience.


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Shane Paris

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