Only One Battlefield 3 Soldier Per Origin Account

Looks like PC users get another heaping pile of crap from EA. Battlefield 3 will only allow one soldier per Origin account. Looks like those extra slots are there for your 360 and PS3.

One issue right now is with user accounts. Your Origin username is your Battlefield username, and there is no easy way to change it at the moment. This poses an issue with people who like to use a different login for accounts than their in-game username. This removes an additional layer of security – so now the “hacker” would only require a password to crack, rather than both a username and password.

Battlefied 3

EA is definitely upsetting a lot of PC gamers right now, hopefully EA will get everything together before the game launches. We’ll see what happens with Origin – but by removing their game from Steam, I think they’ll be stifling their game sales significantly.


* Side note: There are some workarounds for changing your username, but it requires using an app on a smartphone.
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