Oculus Rift, Meet Eve Online

With the Oculus Rift dev units shipping out, Eve Online developers have had a chance to work on a prototype for the upcoming virtual reality head unit. At the annual Fanfest for Eve, the team demoed video of what Eve Online can be with the Oculus – and it looks amazing!

The current demo puts you in the bridge of your ship in a pilot / gunner position. I would love to see this integrated with the ‘Walking In Stations’ that is supposed to come out this fall. I will say, after leaving Eve a few years back and testing it out when I got my multi-monitor setup, I was thoroughly impressed at the graphics and the detail they put into making the game compatible with various configurations. This demo is one of the videos that makes me excited about the possibilities of the Oculus.

I’m also picturing someone using it with the chair from the 40 Year Old Virgin or a motion simulator.

40 Year Old Virgin Gaming Chair

Check out the video:


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