MetroPCS is Shutting Down Their Old CDMA Network June 21st

When T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS back in 2012, there was talks about the timeframe for shutting down the old CDMA network. When the deal was finalized in 2013, the transition date was scheduled for sometime in 2015. I was skeptical on how they could complete this transition in two years, considering the number of customers on Metro, and the number of users on basic phones. It reminded me of how badly Sprint handled their merger with Nextel and failed miserably at transitioning away from the old Nextel iDEN network, instead of building up their network and moving on.

As it turns out, MetroPCS is actually handling the merger quite well. June 21st is the shutoff date for the old CDMA network. After June 21st, the old CDMA devices are not guaranteed to work. MetroPCS customers with qualifying CDMA devices can trade in their phone for a free or reduced cost GSM device.


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