Linus Torvalds Attacks Nvidia for Not Supporting Linux

At a Q&A session over at Aalto University in Finland, Linus was asked a question by a Linux user. She explains to Linus Torvalds that she purchased a laptop that came with Nvidia’s graphics cards, which the graphics card did not work with her Linux OS. She was unable to get any support for her problem until she pulled it off of an open sourced project via Github after Nvidia refused to give any support to the user.

Linus replies with “I know exactly what you’re talking about”. He continues to explain that Nvidia has been the single worst company he has ever dealt with, then concluded with a middle finger pointing to the camera while shouting “Nvidia, fuck you!”

While watching the session on youtube, if you move to 48:10, you will see where this all starts, when allowing a Linux / Nvidia user to ask her question to Linus.


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Yousef Shanawany

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