HP Touchpads Returning to Best Buy November 1st

Looks like we finally have a date for the HP Touchpads returning to Best Buy. November 1st, Best Buy will receive several thousand HP Touchpads to sell at the ridiculously low price of $149 for the 32GB units. No info if they will receive the $99 16GB models. The catch is, they have to be purchased with an HP Computer as a bundle. Of course, there will be ways around this and possibly stores that will just sell them outright.
HP supposedly has 100-200 thousand units still available – including the bulk that Best Buy sent back to them way before this fiasco started.

Maybe it will boost the computer sales for Christmas, but I don’t really see this lasting. They will likely have a lot of returns on their computers and upset people at customer service. I’ll try getting ahold of one by itself and see how that works out.


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Shane Paris

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