Google is Suspending Map Maker After Pranks

Last month, a prank on Google Maps made headlines on tech websites across the web. An unknown user mapped the Android logo urinating on the Apple logo using Map Maker – the service that allows users to contribute to Google Maps. While this was amusing, Google apparently has had a rise in spam and is temporarily suspending their Map Maker service.

Now when you visit the Map Maker page, you see the following notice:

Map Maker will be temporarily unavailable for editing starting May 12, 2015.

We are terribly sorry for the interruption this outage might cause to your mapping projects. Please bear with us and plan your activities suitably.”

I’ve contributed quite a bit of edits to Map Maker over the past few years and have seen malicious and ridiculous information added, so it does look like they’re long overdue for an overhaul on the service. Hopefully they can get it back up and running soon.


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Shane Paris

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