Google Looking to Acquire Meebo for $100M, Hopefully Fixing Fragmentation

Google is rumored to be trying to acquire Meebo for a reported 100 Million US Dollars.  This purchase would hopefully improve (and unify) their currently splattered list of messaging clients;  Google Talk, Google Hangout, Google Voice, Google+, Google Googly Googles, et cetera,  into one program. Just pick one name and make one program for God’s sake Google. Call it Google One or something stupid like that and make a desktop program so I don’t have to switch to a Chrome tab to see get back into my chat. Yes.. I realize I can pin the tab or open in a new window, but I really want a desktop client like Skype that offers free group video chat & desktop sharing.

But seriously, if you think I’m kidding about the amount of separate Google social / messaging clients, look:



We’ll be keeping up to date on this. Hopefully they do pull everything together and take what is great and free and make it into one working program that does it all.


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Shane Paris

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