Google Plus Now Open to the Public… and the crowd goes, meh

Google+ is finally opening up to the public.. and that’s exciting, right? Well, despite Google Plus’ slow start and seemingly lackluster following, it does offer some neat applications for the mobile market and a bit of competition to the social networking giant, Myspace… just kidding, Facebook. Now users can do Hangouts on their phones with several video chat partners at one time. This interests me, since Skype has been charging for this feature, despite the users hosting the calls and handling most of the traffic, as it’s P2P based.

I was about to check out all these great features when I log into Google+ and see this Facepalm

Google+ Fail

I ended up having to log into my regular G+ account to try these new features out, and they’re pretty good so far. I’ll pop a video up in an hour to show the features of the Google+ Android 2.3+ App


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