FTC Sues TracFone (Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile) For False Advertising Unlimited Data

Watch out AT&T and Verizon; The FTC just sued TracFone and its subsidiaries for falsely advertising and not providing unlimited internet access to their customers. TracFone has to pay the FTC $40 Million as well as a settlement to customers who used their “unlimited” web plans before 2015.

The TracFone subsidiaries were advertising “Unlimited web” or “Unlimited data” while in actuality severely throttling and even shutting off users at undisclosed times or data quantities. The advertisements have since changed to properly dictate the amount of “high-speed” data that user should expect before being throttle down to slower speeds – much like T-Mobile has been doing over past few years on it’s lower tier plans.

AT&T has been doing this to their grandfathered unlimited plan users for years. Verizon Wireless started doing this more recently to the last few stragglers who are tightly holding onto their data plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if a major lawsuit comes out soon against the big-two.

If you have or had Straight Talk, Net 10, Simple Mobile, or Telcel with an “unlimited” web plan before this year, you may be eligible for a settlement.

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FTC – TracFone to Pay 40 Million
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