Straight Talk, Net 10, Simple Mobile Unlimited Data Settlement

If you had an “unlimited” data plan from Straight Talk, Net 10, Simple Mobile, or Telcel before 2015, you may eligible for a refund thanks to a recent FTC lawsuit against the parent company, TracFone.

Straight Talk Unlimited Ad

For years, TracFone and its subsidies have claimed “unlimited data” and “unlimited web”, but users of the service have had issues of data throttling and have even had their service disconnected due to internet usage. I had heard plenty of horror stories about people’s phones getting disconnected due to internet usage – but I figured these anecdotal encounters were probably unusual. However, having dealt with the company personally on behalf of customers years ago, I’ve seen worse things happen.

I remember long ago looking to see what their terms of service were on the internet. Buried in the fine print on their website was an unspecific clause about constant data connections and excessive usage. The broad terms could encompass streaming music, watching videos, and doing just about anything other than checking emails and going on websites. I knew this company was going to deal with the false advertising sooner or later.

To file a claim, visit this website here:
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FTC – TracFone to Pay 40 Million
FTC – File a Claim Info

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