Dust 514 Update: Gameplay Interview & New Vehicles

If you are unfamiliar with the title, Dust 514 is definitely something to keep an eye on. Dust 514 is a MMOFPS set within the Eve Online Universe, soon to be released on the Playstation 3. The game has sparked a lot of attention, since it is designed to interact directly with the MMO space-game, Eve Online. In the newly released interview below, David Reid (CMO at CCP) describes how “every bullet fired” will have a direct impact with the Eve Online Universe.  Moreover, it looks like corporations (similar to guilds on other MMOs) will actually be able to recruit players on the Playstation 3 to some extent. There have been several drastic changes on Eve Online since I stopped playing in 2010. The game has started shifting towards more planetary and moon interaction, giving players more places to explore. The other thing that has been in development over the past 4 years has been ‘walking in stations’. So in general, Eve has been making the push towards, hopefully, expanding itself to being a fully-intractable universe, where you can visit planets, moons, and even exchange in ground-warfare. Adding even one of those features would get me to reactivate my subscription.

Enough rambling, check out the gameplay interview below:

Also, the Sony Blog just released two new vehicles that will be in Dust 514. If you are familiar with how Eve Online ships are upgraded, this won’t require too much explanation. If not… well, in a nutshell, ships are upgraded by adding in various modules that fit into specific slots. Devices draw a certain amount of power, CPU, and of course the dreaded skills trained to operate the module. It looks like it will be the same for planetary vehicles in Dust 514, which should make it very unique for console gamers.

Marauder HAV

Name: Surya

Hull: Madrugar
Race: Gallente
Class: Marauder
Module Slots: 6H/4L
Crew: 3
PG: 2540
CPU: 235

Combat / Special Abilities: 
Can fit siege module

10% bonus to resistance per level
20% bonus to racial turret damage per level

Force Recon (Dropship)

Name: Eryx

Hull: Myron
Race: Caldari
Class: Force Recon
Module Slots: 8
Crew: 6
PG: 300
CPU: 500

Combat / Special Abilities: 
Can use special cloak modules

20% bonus to sensor dampener range
20% bonus to sight range per level



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