DayZ Standalone Sells Over 500,000 in it’s first 10 Days

It’s been a crazy year for gaming. We’ve had a number of great games come out this year, two game console launches, and then this curve-ball was dropped onto Steam. PC gamers have been waiting for almost two years for DayZ to be released as a standalone game, instead of being a mod tied to Arma II. After all the setbacks and push-backs of the launch window, the game seemed like it was never going to be released – or so far out there, that people might lose interest. Now all those people who were saying they lost interest have probably purchased the game.

On December 16th, the DayZ Alpha was released to the public for testing for $30 USD (£20), where it sold over 170,000 copies in the first day. Now, 10 days in, they have sold over 500,000 units, making this a really solid launch for an indie game in the Alpha stage of development.


Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, has a list of upcoming features for DayZ, which include a lot of bug fixes, vehicles, animals with AI, and of course more zombies.

DayZ on the Steam Store

DayZ Change Log – Steam

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