Still No Online For Dead Island & Mini Review

I’ve been waiting in anticipation to play the co-op for Dead Island since I heard about the game last year. As I launched the game just after midnight on the 6th, I was quickly disappointed to find out that my game was non-operational. I was able to play and get past the first few missions and was even able to join someone online for co-op. This was ruined when I couldn’t move and in the hast to get away from zombies ended up getting stuck in noclip mode. The game crashed twice, so I gave up on it at night in frustration. Later that day, the developers finally issued a patch for Dead Island on Steam – now the game seemed playable.. except all my stats and savepoints were lost and now I couldn’t join an online or network game.

It looks like this issue isn’t just limited to me and fellow PC gamers, but to console gamers attempting to play co-op online or even over a network connection. It looks like Dead Island is still in dire need for more patches, especially when a primary function of the game is missing 2 days after the launch.

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Mini Review

Aside from all the complaining, the game is very addicting. When I originally purchased Dead Island, I thought it looked like a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Left 4 Dead. I quickly realized the game’s free-roam system wouldn’t live up to the Grand Theft Auto standards, but there are plenty of places to travel. For me, all the tedious tasks aren’t enjoyable and make me want to go play some Left 4 Dead 2 – but that’s the world of an RPG – hours and hours of running errands, leveling up, and feeling like you achieved something. I’ll always prefer the simplicity of first person shooters, so this one will likely end up on the back burner once the co-op runs its toll.

We’ll bring more updates as the game becomes more operational. Hopefully the developers will get their act together before the European launch of Dead Island… until then, enjoy your beta testing.

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