AT&T to Spend 14 Billion On Network

AT&T just put out a press release laying out their plans to spend 14 billion US Dollars to build up their wireless and wired broadband network infrastructure over the next 3 years. The plan is called “VIP”, or the “Velocity IP” project, and is setup to expand their 4G LTE network to support over 300 million users by the end of 2014 and increase their wired data services to 75% by 2015.

AT&T projects 99% of customers will have broadband service from one or both of their outlets.

Hopefully AT&T will take a cut from other cable companies do there’s more broadband competition. As of right now, the United States’ broadband infrastructure as a whole is terribly slow due to the numerous ISPs restricting growth, especially in areas where only one or two companies own the cable space underground.


Press Release:

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