2 New Maps Confirmed For MW3: Piazza and Liberation [Pics / Video] and Analyzing

We confirmed recently that MW3’s first ever downloadable content will be released January 24th, 2012. It wasn’t until now we get full details on what the maps will be called, how the maps will be played, and some footage as well.

The first of the DLC season will kick off with 2 new multiplayer maps: Piazza and Liberation.


Taking place on a village located on the coast of Italy, it is known for it’s bridges and long walkways, meant for those who like close up action, run-and-gun tactics. It includes spots where team work is essential as there are multiple directions facing all spots.


This maps takes place in New York at the Bethesda Fountain (click for image). It’s known for it’s multiple special structures, making it easy to call out locations for team mates such as the middle fountain. It includes bridges and long pathways, making the map useful for those who enjoy long distance weapons such as the Type 95 or a sniper, which means you need to be cautious when crossing it. This maps is the opposite of Piazza as run-and-gun is not recommended, and includes a mounted turret. Seems like a map ideal for camping.



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