Radio Shack Is Offering Up to $200 Off The iPhone 4S with Trade-Ins !

Are you one of millions of people looking to get the IPhone 4s next week? Then you might want to start thinking about going to Radio Shack. Radio Shack is offering money for your old electronics, up to $200.00 !


You can go straight to any corporate Radio Shack and start pre-ordering your IPhone 4s. When you come back on the 14th to pick up your IPhone, don’t forget to bring some old electronics because Radio Shack will buy them from you! They’re offering up to $200.00 for old electronics, depending on the device and life of the device. The current offer guarantees you $100 off your purchase towards the IPhone 4s when you bring ANY smartphone in for trade. I was told this offer ONLY stands for Verizon and AT&T customers and will not be offered to Sprint for reasons they won’t disclose.

I would like to know if you guy’s are getting the IPhone 4s? if so, where are you pre-ordering your phone?

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Tony Apolinar

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