How to Use Skype on a Google Chromebook

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to install and use Skype on a Google Chromebook using the new developer application called Arc Welder.

Download Arc:

Update 7/12/2015:

The never versions of Skype do not appear to be working. You can fix this by downloading version 4.9 of Skype.

Skype APK 4.9

“Chromebook Compatible”

Download Skype 4.9:

Skype APK Mirror: Skype APK

Update 8/11/2015:

If you are still having issues, there are several known bugs impacting some Chromebook models. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling Arc, otherwise follow the steps under “Test your app” ( to report the bug.

Update 10/18/2015:

We added a mirror of the APK to the article. It’s local hosted, so it’s not going anywhere.

Update 12/28/2015:

The “Launch App” button has been replaced with “Test Your App”.

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