Sapphire Vapor-X 4870 Contest

I’ve been trying to arrange this for a while, and I think January 7th is as good a time as any to get a contest going. We will have several prizes, but the first place prize will be my Sapphire Vapor-X 4870 1GB.

This will be That’s It Guys’ first contest and first giveaway and will not be our last.

Details for this contest will be located on our forums under “Contest”

Sapphire Vapor-X 4870 1GB

This contest is over. Check out our latest Youtube videos for more contests!

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Shane Paris

​Shane is the founder and Technical Editor-in-Chief here at That's It Guys. He enjoys Star Trek, 80s and 90s action movies, and everything tech related. Shane is highly skilled with computer hardware, software, and electronics.