iOttie One Touch 2 Smartphone Car Mount (Dash / Windshield)

I was looking for a windshield mount for my Note 4 earlier this year and finally found one that holds my phone while it’s in my Otter Box: the iOttie 2.

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The iOttie 2 Smartphone Car Mount retails for just under $30 and supports phones from 2.3 (≈ 58.4mm) to 3.2 inches (≈ 81.2mm) wide, which means it will easily hold the iPhone Plus model as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones with Otterboxes installed. If you are unsure whether your phone will fit or not, you can measure the width to see if it falls within those dimensions.

Included in the box is the mount, the adjustable smartphone holder, and the optional dash mount gel.

iOttie has a unique quick release that makes changing out phones easy. Adding and removing phones can be done by pressing the two tabs on the sides inward, which opens up the clamps that hold the phone. When you place your phone in, the button on the back releases the spring tension, which clamps the sides onto your phone.

At the bottom of the mount is a slider that lets you access your headphone jack or charger – depending on where they are located on your phone. For the iPhone, this slider makes sure your speaker and microphone aren’t blocked.

The stand mounts to the windshield and the dashboard very easily. The suction cup for the windshield works extremely well, giving you the ability to adjust the mount forward up to 6.5-inches and at multiple angles before deciding on it’s final position. Once you’ve pick the position you want your phone in, just you can lock it down using the simple rocking lever.

Should you ever want to change this or remove it, unlocking it is easy and removing the mount is even easier with the small tab on the suction cup.

For the dash mount option, they give you a two-sided pad. One side has a texture that adheres to the dash and the other allows you to attach the suction cup. 


Some reviewers have noted that the adhesive caused issues after attaching it to their dashboard, claiming that upon removing it, an imprint was left behind or in a few cases, a piece of the dashboard was removed. Now, I’m not dashboard mounting this on my car, but I would note that this is a tradeoff with mounting any device like this to your dash.

Plastic and leather in vehicles are manufactured to handle heat and direct sunlight exposure for many years and have special coatings on them to help them keep their look and rigidity. When you attach a glue to it – or in this case a silicone gel pad – there’s always a risk that when you remove it, either the coating will be damaged or, in rare cases, the dash itself can crack under the stress.

iOttie stated that they improved the material after some people had issues, but it’s definitely worth researching before making the decision to dash mount anything to your vehicle.

I’ve had the mount in my car for five months now and have found it to work extremely well. The adjustment knobs allow you to move things around on the fly, which I’ve found very handy while sitting out in my car on lunch.

It’s also super easy to rotate my phone sideways so I can watch Netflix and keep the glare off the screen.

I would definitely suggest this for anyone looking for an adjustable mount for their smartphone – especially if you have a larger phone like the Galaxy Note or the larger iPhone models.

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5 / 5 stars     
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