Fleximounts M06 Full Motion Dual-Arm Monitor Desk Mount Review

Fleximounts was kind enough to send us out their Dual-Arm Monitor Mount for us to review. When I received the desk mount, I was debating how I was going to set this up with my current monitor configuration. I have three 24″ Dell IPS monitors that already have height adjustment, rotation, and swivel, so I figured I was going to be able to get two additional spare monitors up on the front of my desk. This isn’t what this mount was designed for, so I ended up setting up my friend’s desk with one of my spare monitors (a 19″ 1440 x 900) and setup his 27″ AOC 2K IPS monitor on the other arm.


The Fleximounts M06 Full Motion Dual-Arm Desk Monitor Mount allows you to mount two 27-inch and under monitors to your desk. The monitors must support the VESA 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm standard and weigh less than 11 pounds each (22 pounds in total). The mount can be attached using a hand-screwed clamp and can also be fastened through a small hole in the desk.

The dual-arm mount is made out of a durable aluminum and features gas spring assisted movement, which can be adjusted using the included tool. The exterior plastic molding gives the product clean home-office look and also allows you to hide cables using the built-in routing for cable management.

Note: Some of the models feature two USB 3.0 ports at the base, which can convenient for connecting peripherals or even charging your phone. They also sell VESA compatible laptop mounts with some of their desk mounts. This allows you to have a monitor on one arm and a laptop on the other.


The instructions enclosed are pretty straight forward and only have four steps. The installation only took me about about 10 minutes and I had everything mounted to my friend’s desk. With some minor adjustments using the included tools, I was able to get it so the monitors wouldn’t sag, but so you could move them around with two fingers.

The cable management was pretty solid as well. They included a number of zip ties so you could hide the cables inside the plastic housing. There’s a removable panel where you can pass the video and power cable through that was large enough to fit two sets of thick cable without issue.


I was impressed with the build quality of the mount and how easily you can position the monitors. Fleximounts’ M06 retails for $159 but you can often pick this up for around $100 on Amazon or directly from their online store. This is less than half the cost of similar gas assisted monitor mounts.

If you are looking for a monitor desk mount, I highly recommend checking out their product lineup. They have several variations of mounts and apparently now have different color assortments, as well.

Product Links: [Note: ZOSOMart Apparently re-branded their product’s name]

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4.5 / 5 stars     
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