Dell Offers 34″ Curved 21:9 IPS Monitor

Everytime I see a curved display, I get mildly irritated and question why anyone would want such a gimicky display. However, when I saw Dell offering this on a higher-end IPS monitor, I was very confused. Well, as it turns out, this is one of the few curved displays that may actually have a purpose. If I’ve lost you, hold out for a few moments here.

A monitor is meant to be viewed by one person. With my current setup, I have three 23-inch 1080P Dell IPS monitors arranged in a panoramic 3×1 configuration. I use this more for productivity over gaming, however why I don’t use this for gaming is more important. Multi-monitor gaming can be very frustrating, as the side monitors are generally useless for gaming. Most games awkwardly distort the perspective view of what’s on the left and right display. With an ultra-wide screen curved display, this issue would become less relevant, as the game would be wrapped around your field of vision – especially if that display is 34-inches wide.

The Dell UltraSharp 34 is a 34-inch 3440 x 1440 IPS monitor and has a number of inputs, outputs, has built-in speakers, a USB 3.0 hub, and even supports DisplayPort Daisy-chaining.

Dell’s solution is probably something worth looking into if you are interested in an alternative to multiple monitors on your desk, but still have room for this wide screen display. With the 21:9 aspect ratio of the display and the 1440P resolution, this does offer a nice alternative to someone interested in a wider screen panel. The UltraSharp 34 will be available January 8th for $1,199.99

1 HDMI(vr2.0) connector
1 MHL connector
1 Mini DisplayPort
1 DisplayPort (version 1.2)
1 DisplayPort out (MST)
1 Audio Line out5
4 USB 3.0 ports – Downstream (4 at the back)
2 USB 3.0 port – Upstream
Built-in Devices:
USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Hub (with 2 USB upstream port and 4 USB downstream ports)
Speakers (9W x 2= 18W)


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