Youtube to support 4K Resolution, Google is Prepared

2014 is planned to be the year of the 4K resolution shift. It is very rare to spot a 4K resolution (2160p) video across YouTube or televisions before 2014. As some videos are already set at 4K resolution on YouTube, it has not been publicly announced yet of the support of the new video specs.

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YouTube plans on officially announcing its 4K video support at CES 2014 this weekend and announcing also the new VP9 video codex by Google, which is a royalty-free video codec in which Google is trying to standardize. As this is Google’s second attempt to release a new codec, they now have support from hardware partners such as  ARM, Intel, Broadcom, Marvell, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

Francisco Varela, the global director of mobile and platform partnerships at YouTube, says they only want to announce the new support of 4K video support for YouTube. Whether they support VP9 video codecs or not may be irrelevant to the announcement, such that the support of VP9 is only a small part of the announcement. The use of the codec however will support relatively quick loading times when loading the high resolution videos.


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Yousef Shanawany

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