Samsung Galaxy S III Shows Up On Amazon Deutsch

Looks like yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S III leak might have some more credibility. The phone showed up on the Deutsch Amazon website for €599, with specs somewhat matching up to the leak yesterday. Notice 4.7″ instead of the Korean site reporting a 4.6″ screen – but then there’s the weird resolution they gave, which is supposedly not including the on-screen buttons. Either way, it’s still half-cocked rumors on some of the specs, but with physical content to back it up. The Galaxy S III has already been confirmed to have a quad-core processor, but if you watched the ‘leaked video’ from yesterday, you may have noticed the video processor listed as the ARM Mali-400, which would mean Samsung is using their Quad-core Exynos 4412 as the CPU – which would be clocked between 1.5-1.8Ghz.

The only problem I can see from using this GPU is it’s easily beaten by the graphics performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4’s Adreno chip (225/305/320).

Samsung Galaxy S III Logo - svolze

The Samsung Galaxy S III is supposedly launching May 3rd, so look out for the US release.


Galaxy S III Amazon Deutsch

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