Netflix Implements Even More Limitations

Recently, we released an article on Netflix’s recent price increase to all its users. Well now they’re putting more limitations on their users ability to stream content. Originally, users were able to use up to 7 devices at a time watching different streams with one Netflix account. It was then migrated to a 3 streams at once, and then a few months ago to only 2 users at once. Now, when users try to use more than one device to stream content, they will get an error message demanding to stop the other device that is watching a movie or TV show online.

​Netflix has been enforcing this rule since September 1st, 2011. Some tests have proven that this only works with some streams, specifically movies, and not necessarily every streamable video Netflix has to offer:

We received the error message in our tests, confirming other reports. However, we also learned that television shows seem to be exempt from the movie streaming rules. For example, we were able to stream a movie and a TV show simultaneously, but unable to stream two movies at the same time.




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