FCC Fighting State Laws Restricting Internet Access

I’m seriously floored with all of the FCC and FTC actions over the past few weeks. First the FCC redefines the definition of Broadband, now they’re about to fight 21 states to allow city operated internet access for areas that don’t have broadband. Basically, if you are in an area that has no broadband and either a: no company wants to build there or b: a company or regulations are preventing broadband from getting there, then they want to allow the city itself to be able to operate an internet service provider.

Now, I’m not for the city running the internet over a private company, but if that private company has bad speeds and high prices, then boot those a-holes out of there and get the area faster, cheaper internet. We are seriously just a few steps from the internet becoming a utility, which is fantastic. The internet becoming a utility means it has to meet certain standards, has price regulations, and must be upgraded and maintained. Thanks Obama!

Now for a stock image of that one guy (Tom Wheeler) in front of the FCC logo:



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