ClockwordMod Free USB Tethering Program – No Root

Do you want to tether your Android phone to your computer, but want to avoid the costly 'tethering plans'? Koushik Dutta has you covered with his multi-OS application, ClockworkMod Tether Alpha. ClockworkMod allows non-rooted users to install the simple program, grab some drivers for their phone, and tether their Android phone to their PC. The program is scheduled to stop working on January 7th, with the promise of a new version to be released beforehand.

The program utilizes proxies instead of NAT solutions, so it is able to slide under the radar. I wouldn't recommend torrenting, but it should be sufficient for going online and watching videos.

So go ahead and check it out:

After you install the program, it will take you to their drivers page, which will allow you to get specific drivers for your phone model.


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