Batman: The Killing Joke Finally Being Made Into an Animated Film – Sneak Peak Video

After nearly 30 years, Batman: The Killing Joke is finally being adapted into an animated film. Much of the team from Batman: The Animated series are involved in this project, including Mark Hamill as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman. If you’ve seen the other DC Animated films, you know that this movie is one to look forward to. If you haven’t – go watch them, most of them are fantastic.

I’m not a big comic book guy, but Batman: The Killing Joke is generally considered by fans to be the definitive Joker story. The graphic novel was written by Alan Moore – who is known for V For Vendetta and Watchman – and was originally animated by Brian Bolland.

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Check out the sneak peak, trailer, and a couple of other videos on the new film.




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