Apple Stores May Exchange iPad 3’s for iPad 4’s Purchased in the Last 30 Days

As reported earlier, the iPad 4 is launching just 7 months after the launch of their third-generation iPad. I figured this would really piss off iPad 3 adopters, and apparently Apple has prepared for this by offering customers who purchased an iPad 3 within the past 30 days an exchange for an iPad 4. This is not a guarantee and there hasn’t been anything officially announced by Apple yet, so there are no details on how this will work, but give your local store a visit if you want to give it a shot.

I also noticed that the iPad 3 is missing on Apple’s iPad Comparison Website. They show the 7.9″ iPad mini, the iPad 2, and then a device simply called iPad. The specs match the iPad 4, so it looks like they are completely removing the 3rd generation iPad from their lineup. They are treating the device more like a refresh of the iPad 3, which was originally marketed as “The New iPad”.

If you have any success with this, let us and others know by posting below.



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